v1.3.0 6/15/2021

adding setCurrency utils. Accessible via this.$snipcart.setCurrency.

1.2.2 3/18/2021

correct memory leak that create infinite loop

v1.2.1 3/15/2021

Move watch to so it doesn't restart all the application and doesn't recreate an app.

v1.1.1 12/29/2020

close #10 - adding support to multiple custom data-tags. Here modal-style side or not

  • Refactor modules options configurations
  • Refactor plugins configurations

v1.1.0 10/29/2020

feat: resolve watch functionnality #6

v1.0.3 10/18/2020

fix: adding test when customize not define

v1.0.0 10/17/2020

  • adding basic examples about how to implement snipcart with events
  • delete snipcartKey configuration for key
  • delete snipcartVersion configuration for version

v0.0.12 10/15/2020

Bug Fixes

  • plugin: avoid using consola and properly throw errors (0088d74)

v0.0.11 10/14/2020

chore: adding bindProduct utils + cypress test,

docs: updating documentation to be more readable

v0.0.9 10/6/2020


  • add config for localize + override ui component from snipcart + manually set lang (c506cc1)

v0.0.8 10/6/2020


  • adding custom fields util + cypress test on it + update doc (aff111d)

v0.0.7 10/5/2020


  • adding add product behavior + cypress test + update example (94f9ec1)

v0.0.6 10/5/2020


  • Move logic in a proper client plugin.


  • Update test to be relevant on cypress


  • Update documentation

v0.0.5 10/5/2020

updating release / test and github workflow

v0.0.3 10/5/2020


  • correct issue on modules load (13a04e7)
  • inject snipcart api before load the js (baa277d)

v0.0.2 10/5/2020

  • init project, adding basic config from snipcart doc (28436ab)